Dirty butthole videos of the finest quality. Dedicated to the man that loves a slut that takes it up the butt!


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Contact and Company Info

IMPORTANT NOTE. Use Internet Explorer or Fire Fox when trying to login to the members area. Safari does conflict with our login software.

You can reach us seven days a week. You can e-mail ZackLMiles@aol.com. ( E-mail is the fastest way. )

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery of your video orders.

If you are interested in starring in one of our amateur videos. We are always seeking bad girls and freaky couples for our new releases. You need no experience in acting, because our movies are all about realizm. We have no plots, scripts or any of that bullshit. We particularly love to shoot with people that just love to fuck and have some sort of special talents, like deep throat oral, large penatration anal, multi-orgasmic females, squirters, bizarre fetishes, no matter how freaky as long as it involves adults 18 or older. You know what we're trying to get at. We are not looking for the pretty girl that can't fuck or complains the finger is to big. Those chicks are boring to fuck and they are definitely boring to watch fuck. We'd rather have that average girl with a huge sex drive any fucking day of the week. Although we may call girls bad names and do some pretty dirty things on tape. We always respect their limits and they are never asked to do anything they don't enjoy doing. Some girls like their sex extreme, some girls don't. But we love women and know whole heartily they are the real reason this world goes round. After all... all girls/women are someone's mother, sister or daughter. And if anybody did anything bad to any of the girls in my family...you can bet, they'd have one hell of a country boy ass wooping coming! Anyway...e-mail us with your pictures, contact information, likes and dislikes if you want to give it whirl.

Southbound Productions has been making quality amateur home movies since February 1998. We sold out most of our stock in 2002 to a larger company. And are now producing totally new lines. We strive to bring our customers the best in "real" hardcore amateur video. Now... and well into the future. Any business opportunities you think we might be interested in are always welcome for suggestion, too.

Zack Miles



ATTENTION: As the world turns, it seems to be producing more and more dumb asses. hehehehe To put it lightly. This being said, it appears there are people creating fake profiles on different social media platforms and pretending to be me and or saying they are representing my site and I am a director of "theirs" and looking for models for future videos. They get girls to send them pictures and video and saying crazy shit like the pay is some outragious amount like 8,000 dollars a shoot and I have heard even trying to get some to come and do auditions or getting them to take pictures and signing releases and then they would be paid after review or release. ( I do not and have not ever done any form of audtion. So if anyone, contacts you from any other email, other than my email address above, they are imposters. I use no other email address but this one listed. Nothing even simular to it. I only use this email address. So anything close to it is still not me. Don't be stupid. If anyone tries acting like any form of representative or agent for me or my site, they are criminals, so tell them to fuck off and do not talk to them. I do not do any form of business at all anywhere online other than right here at dirtrydirector.com. So any other profile anywhere else online is fake. I only run this site and do not give a shit about social media sites like twitter, facebook or any of that type of bullshit. So I just wanted to let everyone know to be careful out there. Karma has it's way off fixing things. So I do not worry about it, these types of people will get what they have given in sopme way. I love you all with all my heart and would never want any of you bothered by anyone. So be safe. This is a general public warning. Take care.


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