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Well...If you've made it this far, you probably really are wondering just who the fuck this crazy basterd is? That's a old picture of me back in about 1999 when I was shooting for Legend Video out in Chatsworth California (left). To really explain exactly who Zack Miles is, I'd have to take you way back to when I was just a small black child... nawwww LOL! Just kidding! I got that from an old Steve Martin movie called "The Jerk". I'm not going to go back that far, but I have basically been shooting videos since about 1996. I shot my first amateur video nearly 8 1/2 years ago ( From the time of this writing Nov.1 2003) for a company called Odyssey Group Video. I guess it all started back in 1991 when an old girlfriend and I picked up a Talk of the Town Magazine, which was a local swingers magazine. I was about 23 at the time and just could not believe the things people were actually advertising they'd like to do. We ended up calling a few different ads, couples, single females, and a few select single guys she seemed interested in. One of which was a dude named Will that now runs an adult site of his own site. (DFWKIGHT) We've stayed friends for a long fucking time. Anyway, to make a long story short. After a few different girlfriends and a couple of years of hitting the local party houses and swinging with all different kinds of couples and singles. I couldn't help but think that if other people could only see the stuff I actually lived out in real life all the time, it would make for the coolest of porno flicks ever!

After performing in several scenes with my ex wife for various companies across the US, my ex wife and I recieved a nomination at the AVN AWARDS for Best Amateur Tape. It wasn't long after that I was directing my first series for Legend called Lonestar Virgins. Soon after that I did 14 Volumes of Zack Mile's Cream of the Crop. After completing a short prison sentence for a fucking DWI. (Almost a year flat! Moral of the story...don't drink and drive). I'm out...sober and back to doing what I do best. And that's making kick ass amateur adult videos for your viewing pleasure! (As hard as it is to look back on a life as wacky as mine has been and try to sum it up in a short enough time to keep from boring your fucking ass to death) I hope you feel like you know me a little better. I'm just a good ole boy that can deliver the goods!

Zack Miles

Update Pic January 2011

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